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Yesterday I was on a call with one of my private clients, Victoria.

When Victoria and I met, she'd been in business for several years, had spent quite a bit of money on coaching programs and was really great at what she did.


No consistent revenue.

She and I started working together at this time last year, and today she has 40 clients paying her over $20,000 each.

Sounds fantastic, right?

It is. Yet she's exhausted and always feeling overwhelmed :(

For 9 months now, she and I have been discussing how to build her team, yet she hasn't been able to take action.

Here's the problem. No matter how good you are at what you do, no matter how big your calling is, and no matter how much money you're making (or not making), you'll always hit a ceiling if you don't learn how to build a team.

Building a team is crucial to creating impact and providing you with time and financial freedom.

You may be jamming in your business like Victoria, or you may be just starting out, but either way, this principal is the KEY to your success.

With Victoria, it's no longer the fear of how to pay for her team that is holding her back.

When you have a desire to reach more people and create more impact with your work, there are several shifts you have to make in your beliefs, combined with specific actions to get you there.

In this hiring series you'll learn...

  • When to hire
  • Who you need to hire and how to find them
  • How to hire (our Rockstar Team Hiring Formula makes this simple)
  • When and how to fire painlessly, if your first hire doesn't work out
  • What an Org Chart is and why you need one
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Who teaches The Rockstar Hiring Formula?

Hi, I'm Laura Gisborne. After experiencing 30 years of social entrepreneurship in multiple industries, I created the Limitless Women Community to support other women business owners towards building successful businesses that use their profits for a greater purpose. (

From structuring and selling small boutique businesses to owning a multi-million-dollar wine and real estate empire, I have owned nine businesses and sold six of them. The secret to all my success lies in this series. This is my gift to you. I am super excited to share the Rockstar Hiring Formula with you!

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